Friday, July 25, 2008

Series on Old Testament Messages Not Embraced by American Evangelicals

I am reading Nehemiah right now. A big theme is God's sovereign protection. Some of the ways this theme is portrayed in the book:

o - When Nehemiah is sad before the king, instead of getting punished he is rewarded. I heard in a Bible study years ago that being sad before the king at that time could be a capital crime.

o - When Nehemiah is traveling with much wealth, he and his party are protected without the king's guard.

o - When enemies came against Nehemiah to stop the work of rebuilding the wall, God gave the success to continue.

o - When the wall was complete the various people groups around them recognized the hand of God in helping the people of Jerusalem in rebuilding the wall.

I would say the American Evangelical church does not preach these themes. I have a couple of reasons why I think that is. One would be that we don't have much threat against us. Another would be that God's divine protection implies much more connection with a world that is not natural and mechanistic.

Any one agree or disagree? Does anyone think there may be other reasons for this theme to not be preached?
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