Saturday, June 21, 2008

4-Block World: Communication Paradox

If you have not checked out 4-Block World, I think it may be worth your time. I now have dozens of blogs I read through Google Reader and I hit them four to six times per week. I always read Jollyblogger, D.J. Chang, Messy Christian 2.0, and always, always read 4-Block World. Rather than spend a lot of time with words, he does a diagram on some current event topic. It is always insightful and usually funny. It is all about comparisons. I highly recommend it.

What I especially liked about this one is that it ties into my 43-Things goal of making more small talk. If we want to talk to people, do we stay on the trivial or do we go for the meaningful. Do we go safe or make an impact. I personally like the impact but the communication always takes two. I want to learn and share. Even though that is my desire, the paradox remains.
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