Monday, November 12, 2007

D.J. Chang, Look What You Got Me Into

Way over a year ago I was reading a Wired Magazine article on the most popular websites. Facebook was one of the top and I did not know what it was. I mentioned this in passing to my wife and my then 18 year old daughter came back with her laptop and showed me how it worked. But I could not get an account at that time since my school did not have a Facebook page. Fast-forward to the present and I see D.J. Chang has posted on his blog his Facebook. My thought was, "If D.J. Chang can have a Facebook account so can I". D.J. is cool and I want to be cool. Right? So I have been distracted by Facebook the past two weeks, and my blogging has suffered. Part of the reason I blog is the social aspects and Facebook meets that need. The other thing blogging does is puts my thoughts out in a public forum. I just enjoy publishing my thoughts even if it is to a small audience. So I don't think Facebook will replace my blog but it is a great new addition to my Internet activity.

By the way if you are a Christian blogger, there is a Facebook group you may be interested in, "Christian Bloggers Network". Yes D.J. Chang is involved as Network Advisor. Go D.J.!
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