Thursday, October 11, 2007

What Could Happen if the GOP Puts Up a Pro-choice Candidate?

Parableman has a good discussion on Dobson Prefers Hillary to Rudy. While the professor of philosophy has some excellent points, I'm wondering if the GOP punts on the issue of abortion, could this actually be good for the pro-life movement. Currently the debate is at a stand off. Both side have positioned, both side generally are only picking up new followers from children maturing to make up their own mind on the issue, and both sides are looking for something to shake out. Christianity is often at its best when it is not the dominant social order, and in fact when its members are persecuted. Perhaps if there is no political party or no power structure supporting the pro-life movement, those who truly just want to save children can persuade others to have mercy. Being asked to submit to someone (or a law) is more difficult than being asked to have mercy. Also, perhaps we pro-lifers would have to depend on the great deliverer rather than our alliances with powerful leaders who are balancing our loyalty with many other political commitments.
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