Sunday, October 21, 2007

End Times Fever

Mars Hill Audio had a story with Norman Klassen & Jens Zimmermann on how the educational institutions of the US have become enamored with facts that have mathematical certainty while leaving questions of value, meaning and purpose to be found by the individual with minimal guidance. So these institutions teach literature and history with no purpose or meaning. Purpose, meaning and value is what the humanities are all about. This intrigued me in thought, but as I thought about American Evangelical theology of the second coming, I think perhaps we have taken a subject that is ultimately about meaning, purpose and value and made it mostly about facts. To put it another way, the Scripture speaks of the end times primarily so we understand our ultimate destiny, not in order to have the scoop in the New York Times Newspaper when these events do come about. (Papers may not actually be published in those days, but perhaps they will.) While I believe there are facts to be understood from Biblical doctrines of the end times, these are facts with a purpose. These are facts that show us the destiny of the all mankind.

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