Monday, July 23, 2007

Church Planting Poll Response

A friend of mine wrote the following response to the poll on Church Planting.

I define a church plant as the starting of a new church (perhaps as a "child" of a nearby mother church), but I exclude any well-established church that merely relocates to a more advantageous site or building.

When I hear of a church plant, I say "Praise God for the committed people that have the vision and energy - and courage - to undertake such a challenge. Even if the circumstances are not optimum, I have no negative notions whatsoever like "That is ill-advised" or "They probably will fail." Rather my view simply is to optimistically wait to be a witness to a God's hand at work as He moves to increase His Kingdom. (Differing from your response list, I rarely feel inclined to want to be part of the early days of a church plant, but I never rule that out a priori. I always try to respond as I feel God is leading me and so far that has not been in an originating group.)
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