Saturday, June 16, 2007

Terry Pruitt Interviews with Joe Friday, Nigel, and Mr. Miyagi.

I have not been up to much blogging lately. It has sort of been a journey that could not go public. Depression regarding my mid-life re-evaluation of my life messy and I need to rebuild. Depression is a good sort of pain, it make you focus on what is important, what is meaningful and what you ultimately value. Depression is the impetus for the triage of life. It is sad, even down right depressing, that people want to treat it as a disease instead of work off the pain as energy for change. It is sort of like an athlete who refuse to train because it is a bother. I had been working through some issues in my head and not getting anywhere with it. I was sort of isolated, spiraling down and just loaded down in burden. Then God gave me a nudge that broke up my downward momentum. For three days I met with three different men, one each per day, who gave me very divergent and helpful types of counsel. The first guy I met was Joe Friday, you know the guy who just wanted to know the facts from Dragnet. We talked for about 45 minutes and I just told him what was going on with me. It was sort of releasing just to state my problem. The second guy I met was Simon Cowel of Idol, well this guy was tons more nice than Simon, so perhaps more of a Nigel Lythgoe of So You Think You Can Dance, who usually gives nice but candid advise. He let me know where some of my weaknesses are and some practical ways to improve. The third and last guy I met with, in keeping with my entertainment personalities theme, was Mr. Kesuke Miyagi. This guy sympathized with problems and gave me a couple of practical tasks to express confidence in me. The three together were a godsend. So I think I'm back, back for my blog, back for my church and most important back for my family. I have done the triage now I'm working my issues.

Talking about regrouping and rebuilding my life, I was also rebuilding my bookmarks since my hard drive failed on my Linux box and Messy Christian is back as Messy Christian 2.0. Sort of nice to hear again from this sweet Asian sister in the Lord. There are some folks who I used to visit their blog but I'm not remembering how to get there. I'm sure a Google search in a few days will get me up to speed.
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