Saturday, October 07, 2006

Jericho, the TV show

What I'm thinking could be big is Jericho on CBS. I've always loved the whole Alas Babylon and On the Beach scenario where you just have to use those survival skills and bone up on your Boy Scout handbook. Jericho scratches that itch and then has a bunch of interesting characters as well. The small town has a mayor, his wife, his son who is a adulterer, his son who has been out of the picture for five years and has no explanation, the blond school teacher, the bar maid, the St. Louis cop who is new in town, the mayors political opponent, a deaf girl, her farmer brother, an accountant who just audited the farmer, a brunet who broke her leg in a school bus accident, John Lock, Tom Sawyer, Kate, Evangeline Lilly, Henry Gale , and others. So it does have some of the same elements of Lost. There is a lot of characters who need to be developed. They are surviving a diaster together. There is an outside threat.

By the way, the Wikipedia article on Jericho, Kansas is pretty interesting. There is no Jericho, KS presently but there was a town there until about 1923. But check out the Wikipedia article.

By the way, go over the Jollyblogger's poll and vote Henry Gale off the show for stealing someone else's name. It is the name anothe character who was a balloonist on the Island and the name of Dorthy's Uncle Henry in the Wizard of Oz.

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