Saturday, July 22, 2006

Pearls of Wisdom from the Gadfly's Muse

I met with the Gadfly's Muse and the Jollyblogger for breakfast on Thursday. We talked about church planting in the Ann Arundel County area. Bits of wisdom I gleaned from the breakfast time talk.

The essential element for a pastor is a love for the people. Preaching is important, but people will endure imperfect preaching if they discern a heart of love.

The essential element for a church planter is vision to see something come to fruition.

Formal qualifications are less important than actually doing the ministry.

Doing the work of the ministry is analogous to scientist forming a hypothesis and then testing it, then adjusting the hypothesis, and continuing the cycle. A scientist starts with an initial hypothesis and it is not so important that he have the exact right hypothesis, just that he has a starting point and make adjustments afterwards. As long as he has a process by which he continually adjusts his knowledge, he is on the path toward truth. It is not so important that I have the perfect plan for ministry, only that I do ministry.
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