Thursday, June 22, 2006

Take Young Leaders Seriously

I have been thinking about leadership and how we in the church choose leaders. I have seen a couple of models demonstrated and in reality, I think a combination of the two models is best. The two models are seminary trained leadership and raising up leadership from within. Seminary training with no practical experince opens someone to a lot of risk. What if you go through seven years (or more) of education to find out that you really are not cut out for it? Then there are those who are gifted but have not taken set aside the time to study. They need to pursue study. Hands on training combined with seminary is prefered.

Something on my heart lately is that a congregation needs to be trained how to raise up leadership. Here is what I would think is 10 ideas that I think might be helpful:

1. Identify who future leaders are and encourage them
2. Validate young leaders by listening to them
3. Take young leaders seriously
4. Give appropriate responsibility
5. Allow young leaders room to make a few mistakes while learning
6. State to them what you see as to how they are gifted
7. Let them know how they have blessed you
8. Don't make them wait till later to start ministering, you will never get there
9. Share a meal with them
10. Play a sport or game with them
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