Sunday, February 12, 2006

Strange Veiw of Perseverance of the Saints

I'm going to a seminary that is evangelical, conservative and dispensational. Some of the professors are Calvinists or Calvinistic at least. I don't know of anyone who is on faculty that is Arminian in their view of soteriology. Of the five points of Calvinism the one that gives most people problems is limited atonement. However, there seems to be a oft repeated other problem with Calvinism and that is the doctrine of perseverance of the saints. What I understand perseverance of the saints to mean is that God is the one that keeps you in his care. Broadly speaking, this is the same doctrine that goes by the names such as 'security of the believer' and 'once saved always saved'. Some how though the interpretation of perseverance of the saints by many of the students at the school is that perseverance is something that is achieved. It makes Calvinism a sort of salvation by the good work of keeping on keeping on. At first I thought some of the students had greatly misunderstood the teaching. However, it seems that at least some people are teaching perseverance of the saints in such a way as to imply that salvation is achieved by the work of individuals being faithful to the gospel. This a strange turning of Calvinism on its head. I would be interested if anyone else knows of this strange form of Calvinism being taught.
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