Saturday, January 07, 2006

Words of the Year 2005 - A Year Filled Knowledge From The Heart

The American Dialect Society has posted their list of Words of the Year 2005. CNN had this story posted but the list of words posted on directly on the American Dialect Society website is more interesting. It would seem to me some of the words were chosen for ideological reasons rather than for pure linguistic reasons. Having said that, I would find it difficult to not make ideology a part of how you see the world to include the world of language. Humor is a powerful weapon and making fun of Bush is a powerful political weapon. The top word for 2005 truthiness seems to be a cut on Bush. I actually think the word of the year is a poor one because outside satirical comedy, where is it used. Perhaps it will catch on into common usage. I understand that Shakespeare forged many words that have come into common use.

I'm not sure why the ideas of Intelligent Designed are 'pushed' when they could be just 'supported' or perhaps 'persuasively expounded'.

The Reformation movement made extensive use of satirical comedy. My guess is that satirical comedy was one of the few ways a person could engage a subject during that time and get away with addressing certain issues. Christians should make use of humor again to shape ideas, minds and hearts. Oh by the way, subjective experience is not really way to justify public policy, it is an integral part of how we live life, make decisions, and become motivated to search for truth. Perhaps Bush should make movies and write plays that support his subjective opinions. (That is what most of Hollywood movies do with their ideology.) Or even better, Bush could make his own word list satirically criticizing his opponent's subjective ideology.

Do you know of any words from liberal ideology that should have been included?

Less subjective and more objective is Merriam-Webster's Words of the Year 2005. Based on online lookups, the Merriam-Webster Top 10 Words of the Year for 2005 were:
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