Monday, November 14, 2005

JOLLYBLOGGER: Book Review - Revolution by George Barna

I enjoy reading Barna and others who "do the numbers" on Christianity. But I have to say this is an excellent review of Barna's book. I have not read the book, but still I recommend reading the Jollyblogger's review. The discussion goes beyond the one book and interacts with a broader section of Christianity just the pollsters.

JOLLYBLOGGER: Book Review - Revolution by George Barna: "Let me begin this review of George Barna's book Revolution with a few apologies. The first is that this post is so absurdly long that it hardly deserves to be called a blog post. If anyone makes it to the end of this post they deserve a medal. It is just that this book touched on a lot of issues for me, so this post is my personal way of working through a number of things. "
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