Wednesday, October 12, 2005 - Irratating. Interupted. Chaotic. Exasperating.

Growing up in the Mid-West, Christianity Today magazine was on the library shelves. I read it often and it helped develop my concern for the poor. It also introduced me to J.I. Packer. In short I love the magazine.

However, I do not frequently visit their website because it is way too busy. Christianity Today has several magazines, Leadership, Christian History and the list goes on. Instead of having a webportal that takes you to these various venues, they have placed the whole of their publishing empire on the top site. I am guessing this why the font is way to small for us with over 40 eyes.

As a student of preaching, I always want to be Word centric. However, I think they could use much more graphics and less text.

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