Thursday, September 15, 2005

Quiz on Romans 5:12-21

The following is a lesson I wrote in the form of a quiz. The multiple choice format is really designed to bring out assumptions that are held by people which do not agree with the passage. Occationally I will throw in answers that could be supported by other passages, but not this one.

Romans 5:12-21

Main Idea: Sin came upon many through the one Adam; many sins were forgiven because of the righteous one, Jesus Christ.

Key Words: sin, one, many, all, death, free gift, type, trespass, grace

1.From Adam to Moses There Was No Law (12-14)
2.The Free Gift Is Not Like the Law (15-17)
3.The Trespass Increased But Grace Did More So (18-21)

1.How did sin come to mankind?
(Verses 12,13)
A. Through Eve
B. Through Adam
C. Through Satan
D. Each man or woman sins of their own free will and that is all that matters.

2. How did death come into the world? (Verses 12,13)
A. Through Eve
B. Through Adam
C. Each person dies because of their own sin.
D. Death is a natural life cycle that existed before Adam and Eve were made.

3. When was the law given? (Verse 14)
A. In the garden of Eden.
B. To Noah on Mt. Sinai.
C. To Moses on Mt. Sinai.
D. To Jesus on Mt. Sinai.

4. How was the sin from the time of Adam to Moses different than Adam's sin? (Verse 14)
A. Their sin was minor in nature.
B. Their sin was not breaking the expressed law of God.
C. Their sin was basically being evil.
D. Their sin was that of legalism.

5. How does one know he or she is sinning? (Verse 13)
A. A guilty conscience
B. Bad things happen to them
C. Other people tell them
D. The law of God explains it

6. How are the free gift and the trespass different? (Verse 15-17)
A. The free gift covers many sins while the trespass was just one, affecting many.
B. Adam did not know what he was doing.
C. The free gift affected many while the trespass just affected Adam. Everyone else sinned on their own.
D. We don't know.

7. Does the phrase “all men” in the last half of verse 18 refer to each individual on the earth or to all mankind as a whole?

8. Why would God want sin to increase? (Verse 20)
A. So he can punish us.
B. So that he looks good.
C. So that we would have the Bible.
D. So that I would understand my need.

9. A federal head is one who represents the group. Adam was the federal head of...
A. Eve
B. Himself
C. The whole human race
D. All who sin

10. Jesus is the federal head of....
A. His disciples
B. All mankind
C. The church
D. Everyone since the day of Pentecost

Answers: b, b, c, b, d, a, “mankind as a whole ”, d, c, c

If you think differently let me know, I would be glad to discuss it!
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