Monday, September 12, 2005 | A New Way to Serve NGOs and Remote Communities with Technology

inveneco is a charity that provides telecommunications services for those who are in neeed. This can really boost a village's well-being. Since I often talk about Christian mission agencies, I should clarify that they are not a Christian mission but simply a charity.

Excerpt from their website: Inveneo is leaving for Bay St. Louis, Mississippi to meet up with CityTeam who has been on the ground there for a few days. CityTeam's Disaster Relief Team is already working with the local communities to provide support and services. Inveneo is going to help establish Internet connectivity and phone lines for use by the victims of Hurricane Katrina and CityTeam's Disaster Relief Team. Currently phone service is only intermittent in the area and no Internet connectivity is available. Inveneo is working with Part-15 and others to establish these services and provide shelters in the area with phones and computers so families can communicate.
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