Thursday, September 01, 2005

Blog of scott harrison - notes from west africa

Scott Harrison's blog call "Scott Harrison - Notes from West Africa is an intriging blog. His missionary task is to be a photo journalist on board the mercy ship Anastasis. His work is artsy and informative. You might also want to visit his photo website. You will find the links on his blog.

I have been reading Earle E. Cairns book on church history "Christianity Through The Centuries" which emphasizes that the early church Father's spent a lot of time explaining their religion to the world. They wrote to explain how many of the myths about Christians were not true, for instance the myth that they ate children, and explain why Christians should not be persecuted. Scott's photo journalism efforts remind me of these early apologiests. He is explaining what the needs of the poor are, and letting the world know the heart of compassion needed. He is explaining the love of Christ to these people as demonstrated through the efforts of the doctors, nurses and other crew members of the Anastasis. Scott's is a great apologetic work.
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