Friday, August 05, 2005

Parableman: Design, as long as it's not intelligent

I encourage you to slip on over to Parableman to read his interesting and thought provoking post on the intelligent design debate. It is a topic I find interesting and needing to be discussed.

Parableman: Design, as long as it's not intelligent: "Design, as long as it's not intelligent

I've returned from a research conference and another meeting, but I'll be traveling again next week.

I keep hearing talks at conferences that I find rather amazing. For example, in the areas of systems biology and biological networks, I've heard several talks about how these systems are 'designed'. Sometimes (as in the talk I just heard) speakers will go beyond saying that the systems 'appear designed', and state that the evidence shows that they are designed. This seems scientifically well-received as long as the speakers avoid suggesting that there was actually an intelligent designer who did the designing (and perhaps instead suggest that natural selection was the designer). I find it remarkable that it is scientifically accepted to talk about design in biological systems, as long the designer is left out of the picture or assumed to be unintelligent. But many scientists vehemently oppose any suggestion of an intelligent designer. Follow the link ...."
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