Thursday, August 18, 2005 Books: Emergence : Labeled Autistic Books: Emergence : Labeled Autistic: "Emergence : Labeled Autistic"

Browsing the bookstore biography I came across this book “Emergence: Labeled Autistic” by Temple Grandin, and Margaret M. Scariano. This biography is written in a style that is quite different than your normal biographical perspective, one somewhat distinguished by the autism itself. A prime example is an excerpt of one of the author's class paper's in college. The topic of the class is marriage but she somehow turns the topic to her fascination with cattle chutes. Strangely it works as a piece of literature despite the odd topics she can not leave behind. The book is only 180 pages and in a style that preteens and teens could read.
This book to me is about understanding people in general, not just the autistic. It is about seeing how perspectives can be quite different and yet correct. It is about how a mother struggles with her child to overcome a disability. I highly recommend the read.
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