Friday, May 27, 2005

NewsForge | Detroit high school opens its desktops

My daughter, aka ebofgod just got a laptop for graduation. I'm thinking of putting Open Office on it for her.
As always, follow the link to get the full story.

NewsForge | Detroit high school opens its desktops: "In 2003, John Hansknecht, the director of technology at the University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy, had a tough decision to make. The school had about a hundred older computers running Microsoft Office 97 and Windows NT, and some kind of upgrade was clearly required. It would have been an easy decision to simply upgrade to Microsoft Office 2000, but that would have required replacing all the computers with more powerful systems -- a large expenditure which could be better spent on other technology needs. Hansknecht had a better idea:

The previous year Hansknecht had begun evaluating with the assistance of Peter Guenther, the computer applications teacher, and Vondra Abbott, the school librarian. Hansknecht thought that if he could meet the school's requirements with an office suite that worked with both Microsoft Windows and Linux, he could eliminate the cost of Microsoft Office and reduce the need for periodic and expensive hardware upgrades.
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