Friday, May 13, 2005

More Flat Thoughts | Linux Journal

Again a good article on the flat world. In some ways I think this is better than the previous two. Check it out......

More Flat Thoughts | Linux Journal: " Information, we observed, is derived from the verb *inform,* which is related to the verb *form*. To *inform* is not to 'deliver information', but rather to *form* the other party. If you tell me something I didn't know before, I am changed by that. If I believe you, and value what you say, I have granted you authority. Meaning, I have given you the right to *author* what I know. Therefore, *we are all authors of each other*. This is a profoundly human condition in any case, but it is an especially important aspect of the open source value system. By forming each other, as we also form useful software, we are making the world. Not merely changing it.

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