Friday, December 24, 2004

Technology Review - Article on Wikipedia and Epistemology

Welcome to Technology Review I think I've blogged about the virtues of Wikipedia before so I'll save it for later. But Technology Review has a good article on Larry Sanger who is a philosopher who started Wikipedia. I would like to read Parableman's take on the philosophical issues raised in the article. (Hey, instead of "Blog This" we need a "Blog That" feature to blogs.) I would like to see a wiki-Bible commentary started, and wiki-Bible encyclopedia and a wiki-community exegesis (analysis of a community for church planting) and other sites to help encourage the church. Doctrinal issues would have to be handled some way. One could require adherance to a creed, work off generally agreed upon evangelical faith statements or something else perhaps.

Since I'm brainstorming I would like to hear other's reactions and ideas.
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