Sunday, December 05, 2004

Open Office

I was talking to someone the other day who had a problem because their home computer was not equiped with Microsoft Office. In particular, they did not have Microsoft Excel, which by the way is an excellent program. (As a side bar, has a great deal of power to make nicely formated documents.) When I mentioned that they might try Open Office they made a comment about Linux and its future. Aside from the question about Linux, I think there is a mis-perception that the free software movement is all about Linux. Fact: you can download OpenOffice for Windows. I have mostly used Star Office and Open Office outside the Windows. More specifically, I have used Star Office on a Sun workstation and on Mandrake Linux. I have used Open Office on a SUSE Linux machine. While I have not had great success with transfering PowerPoint slides to StarOffice and back to PowerPoint, the Word and Excel documents have pretty much the same formating and functions. The PowerPoint/StarOffice problem is that the functions are the same but the formating is not quite right.
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