Friday, December 03, 2004

Lost TV Show on ABC Episode 10 - Raised by Another

So Claire has been to a soothsayer. I was not really comfortable with that. I really don't like the occult but as a plot devise, it is something is really interesting. If you know enough details about cause and effect, you basically have a lot of power. Given that you know an infinate amount of knowledge about what causes what, you can manipulate a lot. Of course if you don't have power, then the knowledge of the future becomes a curse. The psychic's powers are not infinate, but the manipulation he brings to the Claire's future brings an interesting thoughts about the future. I studied futurology for a while. That is not a religious topic, but some academic types look at trends and predict the future based on the logical conclusions to those trends. A famous futurologiest is Alvin Toffler. (By the way, I heard him speak a few years back. I really enjoyed hearing him.) The problem with futurology is that trends don't always continue. Sometimes people don't take it to the next step.

What kind of knowledge does God have of the future? Is it a mystical future? Is it trend analysis? Is it deduced from logic? I beleive he has already experinced the future.

In our human experince, how do we predict the future? Is it by trend analysis? Is it by feeling?

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