Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Guest Blog

This is a guest blog by the Pruitt Communications daughter #1:

I just got back from college here recently and it has been interesting being at home again. When I had just got back from finals week, my dad was still working on his translation project for semenary. It got me thinking that even after I get my bachalors I still want to take classes, even when I get to be my dad's age or older. Some of my proffesors at school still take classes that are unrelated to their area of expertese, just because they like taking classes. Most of the people in my life that I respect are life-long learners and that is something that I hope that I can emulate. Not all of them take college classes, but they are always learning new things through reading or talking with people. Keeping a broad range of subjects that one can talk about intelligently and being able to bring ideas from other displines into one's area of expertese makes a truly educated person.
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