Friday, December 17, 2004

Covenant Books and Coffee

I mentioned yesterday that Barb and I visited the Bookshop and Coffee shop while in Honolulu. The bookshop sells Reformed books. I wish it was not Christmas time so I could spend lots on books. Some of you are probably saying why did you not just buy stuff there for friends and family. Well, gifts are supposed to be for others.

The ministry idea is great, create a place where people can linger and look at great Christian books. The inexpensive but tastie food made it a place to linger even for those not interested in the books. I saw more than one person picking up food as carry out. Here in my own community I don't think the same concept would work since we have a fine bookstore. But the books at Covenant were Reformed and not your usual Christian bookstore mass market. They were definately historic, deep and hard to find titles. I was looking at a Baxter book I thought....

Well, back to reality here. You might find some interesting stuff on their website even if you can't visit in the brick and mortar facility.
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