Wednesday, December 22, 2004

180 on Buildings

I think I wrote a blog some time ago on my change of heart on church architecture. I followed the idea a few years back that the church was the people so buildings were unimportant. Meeting in schools, theaters and other commercial property was just fine in my mind. From experince, I now know that being in someone else's property taxes your volunteer force. It also affects the asthetics of the worship service.

They are putting up a new church building near my house. I don't know the denomination or even the name of the church. They are replacing a commerical metal frame with a wooden frame. I wonder if that is really all that much of an improvement asthetically and functionally.

The church I visited in Hawaii had a very plain sanctuary with a fantastic circular window behind the pulpit through which the congregation could see the beautiful landscape as the pastor exposited the Word of God.

What is the proper balance between artistic design and proper focus kept on the Word of God?

Who is the right person to design such a balanced building? Where are the Christian architects?

Can existing buildings really be adequately transformed? If so, how?

Normal functional areas of a church are
1. Worship Sanctuary
2. Sunday School Rooms
3. Food and Fellowship Areas
4. Recreation Areas
5. Office and Administration Areas

How much do you need of each? Is only the worship and Sunday School areas the only necessary areas?

Responses welcome!
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