Friday, October 29, 2004

Surprized By Links

I have been working on my theological website little by little for a couple of years. I add pages that I think will really answer a question that others might not get answered other wise or create something I think is unique. I get a lot of hits on my Place Names of The Four Gospels page. I did a study of all the place names mentioned in the four Gospels and linked to webshot pictures. So I did a Google search to see who was linked to it. Surprize, no one. Then I checked my listing for other pages. I don't get a lot of hits on my New Perspective on Paul page however, I was linked by someone else, Worthy Find. So is linking or visiting more important? I don't know. But you might go by and check out the Worthy Find directory. The person who put it together is a part of the Open Dirctory project.

If you want to see who links to you, just type the following in the Google search window...


Replace yoursite with your site. So searching for Pruitt Communications would
look like this

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