Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Studying The Book Of Obadiah

We have been studying "Post Cards Of The Bible" in my Sunday night small group. By the way, all of you are invited to come. We have finished all New Testament books under 5 chapters and now we are into the Old Testament. Obadiah was the first Old Testament book we tackled, or should I say tackled us. Any way, I'm including some of our study notes.

Outline of the Book of Obadiah

Verse 1 Introduction: About Edom

Verses 2-3 Pride Lifted Up

Verses 4-9 You Will Be Desolated

Verses 10-14 You Took Advantage Of Israel’s Disaster

Verses 15-18 Turn Around Is Fair

Verses 19-21 You Will Go Into The Hands Of Foreign Nations Permanently

Principle: God will judge those who oppress those who are beaten down.

Alternative: Just because someone is experiencing a crisis does not mean you should take advantage of his or her weak moments.

Here is a artistic rendition of the rugged terrain in Edom.

And here is a photograph of some of the cliff homes.
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