Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Proper Place of Theology

I've noticed that some people see theology as a higher calling than Bible study. (By the way, I'm not talking about you in particular, I'm talking about a lot of people in general.) In other words, these folks find the Bible as a good source for their study of theology. To my mind, theology is one of the steps in studying the Bible. When we have studied a passage, do we understand all the definitions of the different concepts of a passage and are we logically consistent with other scripture at a surface level, and logically consistent with the teaching derived from scripture. If not we need to re-examine our interpretation of the passage.

I just sat through an all day meeting. The group was made up of people from various backgrounds and a lot of issues were discussed in depth. I think how modern theological statements are done. We get one or two champions who hammer out a statement on an issue and then a large body votes it up or down. Possibly there will be amendments, but products of intense study and discussion are not common in theological circles. So we are not able to make a new creed. What a shame.
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