Friday, October 22, 2004

LOST In Questions Episode 4

Other questions I have about LOST.

Why doesn't any of the characters learn any Korean and why does the Korean couple not learn any English? I think learning to say hello is at least something that they would be through in a day or two.

What was Kate's crime? Is she really guilty?

The sixteen year old recording was on the tail section? Or am I hallucinating that Jack found both in the same spot? If the recording was going on sixteen years, why have they been there only seven days?

What is the deal with all those dolls at the water hole?

Why does Jack's torch drip flames? If the torch was dipped in a flamible liquid where did he get that?

Is the reason Jack can't find his father's body is that Jack is dead, so both are now in eternity? If they are in eternity, where are the dead people on the plane?

Why would you burn the bodies in the fusalage? I would take them out, burn them some where else, and use the fusalage as raw materials for building shelter or use it as shelter.

Where is the washer and dryer? All those clothes look too good.

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