Thursday, October 28, 2004

LOST - House of the Rising Sun

My pastor, the Jollyblogger, preached a sermon this past Sunday on how to be in but not of the world. He mentioned one reason that Christians had for a while checked out of the culture in America is their eschatology (study of the end times) said that they would be leaving soon. Most evangelicals believe that Christ could return at any time and take them from this phase of existence. Under this eschatological system getting people saved might make the most sense. I'm sure many pre-tribulationist, premillinialists would say that is a characterature, but at the same time it is sort of inescapable to say, if you don't know how much time you have left, you have to set priorities. Priority one is getting people into the kingdom.

Have you noticed how the TV series LOST has pitted two eschatological courses of action against each other. Said wants to say on the beach because a ship or plane may come by any moment and save them. They are about to be extracted any moment. Dr. Jack wants to go live in the caves near fresh water, shelter, and develop a community. The two approaches show the two mentalities; focus on rescue or focus on living.

My wife said that they should establish a list which assigned times for the people to stay on the beach and look for that ship and/or plane. This by the way is how she assigns chores at our house. If I get stranded on an island I need her to keep me organized and facilitate peaceful divvying up of the chores.

Now for the questions...

Where was Clare, the pregnant blond, in episode 6?

Did the guitar appear or did Locke see it all along?

Where were Shannon and Boone?

What is up with Locke? He is acting so weird.

How did the wreckage get near the cave/water source?

Why were the bodies they found laying on top of the ground and not mutilated by wild life? (Gross I know, but a practical concern of life in the wilderness.)

Will Kate side with Sayid or with Jack?

Is Jack really post-mil or a-mil?

Is Sayid pre-trib or mid-trib?

What was Sun doing with his father-in-law's watch? (If it was a gift it is his watch.) By the way, after watching the scene with my daughter who came home from work after the show aired, the watch is obviously the issue. Watches are paraded around like 2 caret diamond ring by a newly engaged southern bell.
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