Friday, June 25, 2004


I've been reading Beowulf. I read the Michael Crichton's version of Beowulf, Eater's Of the Dead a few years ago. While I can see the correlations between Crichton's book and Beowulf, they really quite different and I really like the original better. I am impressed by the character development, who Beowulf is. A lot is left unsaid. Not like a modern novel. The flow of the story is not exactly clear or linear. The themes though are noble and inspiring. We don't write poetry like Beowulf today. Perhaps we can not, but I would say we need to do so. One of my daughters said that Beowulf is the first Christian fantasy. I would not disagree. It does have fantasy themes, dragon's and warriors. However, I don't get the same feel from the story as from other fantasy.
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