Saturday, April 24, 2004

Preachers and Preaching

Reading Jollyblogger's entry on "Another Sign of the Apocalypse", he addresses the issue that if a church is in conflict, then there may be a lack of biblical expository preaching. The preacher, as a messenger of God, has a tremendous responsibility. But the amount of time that the preacher has to exposite the Word of God is limited. The "drip method" of instruction is something that my wife and I use in our homeschool. The drip method comes from an illustration where an Israeli kibbutz farmer saw that an orange tree was growing under a leaky faucet. He later developed a drip system for irrigating the orange grove. As the story goes, it was very successful. I'm not sure if this story is true, but that's the way I heard it. I attempted to find the source but could not. In our homeschool we have several subjects where we do a small amount each day. For instance, we use a grammar text called "Daily Grams". Little by little the kids have learned grammar.

The weekly Sunday morning sermon needs to be reinforced with other scripture intake. The Scottish reformers took seriously the idea of family worship times. More modern efforts have looked at personal devotions as being the answer. Christian radio might have some role in putting the Word of God in people's daily life. Small group Bible studies also can have an important role too. By the way, the weekly sermon is the main event in the life of the church. It's where we listen to God as His Word is preached.
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