Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Preachers and Preaching II

The Jollyblogger points out....

"My point, ..., is simply that a church that is driven by an expository ministry will be more biblically grounded. If the ministry is expository-centered it should produce a hunger for the Word of God and sense of accountability to it in their lives."

I guess after a period of assessing what the essence of ministry should be, I am coming to terms with the limits of the main activity, preaching. I, of course, am stealing my title from Dr. Martin Lloyd-Jones. I read his classic while I was 18 the first time. I was looking for the wrong thing at that time in my life. Now that I re-read it in my 40's, I see how vital preaching is to the church. You are right in your comments. I was dealing with more of a self-centered issue for myself, that is how does one address those who are sitting in the pews but not following the excellent exposition. The temptation for myself is to look at the limitations and get frustrated. Sorry if I misrepresented the Jollyblogger's position.
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