Saturday, March 07, 2015

Changing Church in the USA

I'm told that the church in the USA is becoming more ethnic and less white.  I go to a church that is predominately white but welcomes other ethnic groups.  We have some African, Hispanic and Filipino backgrounds among our usual gatherings for Sunday morning worship.  At work I find that most people who are dedicated Christians are people who are not white.  I find more in common with my African-american co-worker because of our unity in Christ than I do in my co-workers who identify as white but do not identify as Christian.  I welcome the church being diverse and welcoming not because we are trying to mimic the USA culture on the issue but God is glorified as we have every nation, tribe and tongue worship him.  Sometimes that is in congregations that are culturally and ethnically diverse.  The article on the Association of Religion Data Archive called "Are Black Americans the Most Religious - and Virtuous - of all?" shows how African-american Christians have many of the marks of true discipleship. I recommend it for your consideration.