Saturday, October 05, 2013

Future Jobs: Pill Wranglers and Alternative Currency Speculator

Mars Hill Audio Journal 118 has an interview with Gilbert Meilaender mentioned a Ray Kurzweil who was trying to beat death.  In doing so he had hired a  pill wrangler to organize his extensive vitamin pills that he takes everyday.  A vitamin wrangler, what a cool line to put on one's resume.  Perhaps such jobs, probably not a career, will be common in the future as the work environment changes in the next few years. 

Sparks & Honey have a new set of slides up on Slide Share on future jobs which may exist in the next ten years.  There is possibilities that they may have accurately noticed a trend that will continue, which is what this purports to do. 

While Sparks & Honey list interesting jobs such as Digital Death Manager and Hackschooling Counselor, I'm wondering if there are some other jobs of the future.  Perhaps there will things such as this...

Skills and Knowledge Reuse Coach -  If job applicants are negotiating the new job market via resume, and certain skill sets are no longer needed, then assistance re-inventing oneself is large need.