Friday, August 12, 2011

Just Four More Classes (Okay may be five really)

I have just four more classes until I can finish seminary. That sounds like not a lot, but in reality, it is not four consecutive semesters. Timing is a part of landing graduation. I have to hit those four classes as they are offered. Also, I am reviewing my first year of biblical Hebrew so that I am ready for that second year of Hebrew. So I will probably be taking first year, semester two a second time. That means it is really five classes until I'm finished.

Fall 2011 Critical Issues in Biblical Studies
Spring 2012 Retake second semester Hebrew
Summer 2012 unknown
Fall 2013 2nd Year Hebrew
Spring 2013 2nd Year Hebrew
Summer 2013 unknown
Fall 2013 Bibliology and Theism

If I could take Bibliology and Theism in the Summer of 2012 that could move graduation up by six months.

Classes I would like to take if I can get in some electives. Preaching and counseling is what I want to take. I think I could use both.
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