Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Things About Me

1. I was born March 23, 1963.
2. I signed my own birth certificate over 35 years later.
3. The State Department thought that was not good enough to issue me a passport with.
4. I value my passport.
5. I want to use my passport to travel to Egypt, Algeria, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, and Ethiopia.
6. I hardly ever beat Elaine at Mario Kart.
7. I like Mario Kart.
8. I am happy that we have an African-American as a president.
9. I habitually vote Republican.
10. I don't think politics is the most important thing about our country.
11. I don't believe the Kingdom of God is a political entity.
12. I am happier when I do aerobic exercise.
13. I hope I can run into my senior years.
14. I love to teach.
15. I am three quarters of the way through my Masters of Divinity at Capital Bible Seminary.
16. If I had it to do over again I would take more English and foreign language in High School and less math.
17. I took a lot of math in High School.
18. I hardly ever use math beyond my Algebra and Geometry.
19. I use language skills all the time.
20. I love languages.
21. My high interest in languages is my stronger than my actual language abilities.
22. When I study Hebrew words, I often relate them to their Arabic cognates.
23. Gardening is an interest but not something to which I dedicate enough time.
24. My peach tree had its best year in 2008.
25. Barbara is my best friend followed by my children.
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