Sunday, January 04, 2009

2009 Goals

I already have published my first draft of my goals for 2009 but I only covered public speaking, leadership and Bible knowledge. So additional goals for spiritual walk, role as a husband, role as a father, fitness, gardening, and music.

1. Spiritual Walk -
a. Memorize a verse a week.
b. Pray the ACTS (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication).

2. Role as a Husband -
a. Connect better with her side of the family.
b. Help her to mourn.
c. Help her to laugh.
d. Work through plans and goals with her.
e. Learn to let anger be used in a positive non-threatening way in my life.

2. Role as a Father -
a. Hike with my daughters.
b. Communicate more intentionally.
c. Learn to be an encourager.
d. Build an inheritance for my daughters.

3. Fitness -
a. Do calisthenics each day
b. Train for a marathon

4. Gardening -
a. Improve my vegetable beds
b. Install drip irrigation

5. Music -
a. Sing through the Psalms

From my previous post all the way back from November...

6. Public Speaking – Preaching, teaching, and performing
a. Reduce crutch words and sounds like "ah" and "umm".
b. Finish all sentences.
c. Introduce my points better.
d. Relate my points to each other better.
e. Build stronger logic and organization of my talks.
f. Make my points stick.
g. Support my points better.

7. Leadership –
a. Listen better for the Lord's leading.
b. Persuade with a winsome style.
c. Communicate confidence while remaining transparent.

8. Bible Knowledge –
a. Know an outline for each book of the Bible.
b. Know proof texts for all major Christian doctrines.
c. Know key Scriptures for counseling.
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