Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Goals for 2009: A Tad Bit Early

Here are some of my goals. While we are a ways from the new year, I'm already starting to think about my goals for 2009.

1. Public Speaking – Preaching, teaching, and performing
a. Reduce crutch words and sounds like "ah" and "umm".
b. Finish all sentences.
c. Introduce my points better.
d. Relate my points to each other better.
e. Build stronger logic and organization of my talks.
f. Make my points stick.
g. Support my points better.

2. Leadership –
a. Listen better for the Lord's leading.
b. Persuade with a winsome style.
c. Communicate confidence while remaining transparent.

3. Bible Knowledge –
a. Know an outline for each book of the Bible.
b. Know proof texts for all major Christian doctrines.
c. Know key Scriptures for counseling.
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