Saturday, November 29, 2008

Should A Christian Musician Be a Music Ministery, Worship Leader, Music Teacher or CCM Superstar?

Linking to an article on Collide Magazine's website. The discussion is whether the Contemporary Christian Music industry will be viable in the future. It is a good discussion. I always wonder why our best musicians are not focusing on being worship leaders instead of performers. Well, maybe they are. There are a lot of different model of how to have a career in music. A minister of music is different than a worship leader in my book. The worship leader focuses on leading a band that leads the congregation in worship. The music minister coordinates music groups that perform at the church during worship. How do you do church music right? Is a successful music program at a church mean that everyone listens to the most popular music on Christian radio and then imitate those performers in various degrees of proficiency?

I'm quoting enough of Collide's article to get you started and a link to finish it out.

Before we go much further, let’s establish what Charlie said. His complete essay, titled “The Future of Christian Music,” is currently available at, but the five most important ideas Peacock put forward are:

* The major labels aren’t in danger of going under anytime soon, but they’ll be forced to depend on dwindling revenue from their song catalogs.
* The term CCM, or Christian Contemporary Music, will go away.
* Christian music that matters won’t have any affiliation with the Christian music industry but instead will be written, recorded, and released in the mainstream.
* Worship music serves a purpose within the Church, which guarantees its survival.
* The big names from CCM’s glory days (Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, Steven Curtis Chapman, etc.) will survive, but many artists from the last decade will be left looking for a reason, roaming through the night to find their place in this world.

Those predictions fall short of blasphemy, but they were certainly controversial for those inside Christian music.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Goals for 2009: A Tad Bit Early

Here are some of my goals. While we are a ways from the new year, I'm already starting to think about my goals for 2009.

1. Public Speaking – Preaching, teaching, and performing
a. Reduce crutch words and sounds like "ah" and "umm".
b. Finish all sentences.
c. Introduce my points better.
d. Relate my points to each other better.
e. Build stronger logic and organization of my talks.
f. Make my points stick.
g. Support my points better.

2. Leadership –
a. Listen better for the Lord's leading.
b. Persuade with a winsome style.
c. Communicate confidence while remaining transparent.

3. Bible Knowledge –
a. Know an outline for each book of the Bible.
b. Know proof texts for all major Christian doctrines.
c. Know key Scriptures for counseling.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Spiritual Walk; Finishing My Intership

My internship with the presbytery was completed last Saturday. The feeling is happiness. I don't see it as an achievement so much as I got through it. I'm free of the nagging thought that I need to get more done. I have learned about my own limitations, and some strengths that I did not know I had. Coming face to face with these has not been pleasant since my weaknesses loom larger than my strengths in my thoughts and feelings. Some of the information that I needed to hear, I think I was not ready to hear so it took time. That is why God waited to let me know. Perhaps he was telling me all a long but I just was not hearing it.

"But we know that God works all things for good to those who love God, to those called according to his purpose."