Monday, September 15, 2008

Monoamine Oxidase (MAO) Inhibitors and The TV Show The Closer

The Closer: Season 4, Episode 10, Time Bomb, tonight had a scene that sort of seemed strange until my nursing student daughter explained it to me. Bad bomb making boy named John is taken into custody for suspicion that he is involved in making bombs. As he is being hauled out of his room by the detectives the camera pans to an empty bottle of pills, implying that he took an overdose. While in the interview room he eats a huge chocolate bar. He enjoys it a lot, drawing a lot of attention to the fact he is eating chocolate. He starts to pass out. The main character, Detective Brenda Lee "Thank You, Very Much" Johnson runs into the next room and asks bad bomb making boy's mother what sort of prescription drugs his is taking. The mother replies he is taking MAO inhibitors. So when we discuss this with our nursing student she says that MAO inhibitors are not to be taken with a high tyramine content and chocolate is one of those foods. This detail was not explained in the show to my knowledge but obviously one was supposed to pick it up if one knew the connection.

It sort of makes one think, how many things happen right before our eyes but we don't understand what just happened.
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