Sunday, July 06, 2008

Losing Faith

So I finally began to read last month's Mission Frontiers magazine. I did not want to since it was about people walking away from Christianity, walking away from faith. It is not an article or two, but this is the second issue on the subject, there are multiple articles about it. To say the least, I did not want to hear it. But as I read the articles, they were more engaging than discouraging. It was not that the authors were presenting solutions. An article by Ruth Tucker called "Great is Thy Faithfulness: Some Reflections on the Loss of Faith" was particularly good. I think some people who walk away from the faith are simply those with more courage to state what they believe than those who simply want to fit in though they have adopted a secular world view. What do I mean by a secular world view? My informal definition would be that there is nothing supernatural. No miracles. No angels. No devil. No life in eternity. Simply what you see in the here and now. In a sense I think in some circles Evangelicalism has actually adopted a secular world view. No miracles in the present. No angelic visions today. No devil. In some circles, Christianity is about morality and association with others of the same Evangelical group. This is more acceptable in the secular workplace and secular education. It puts Christianity in terms that is palatable, but it lacks salt.
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