Sunday, February 10, 2008

Response to "The Problem with Christian Pop Music"

Below are some of my thoughts on "The Problem with Christian Pop Music".

I’m trying to figure out what pop music is. There was a time I knew exactly what it was. It was what was played on American Top 40 with “Casey” Kasem. Now it is so mixed and varied, that it is difficult to know what a kid who is 18 with an iPod will be listening to. My daughters are as tuned into the Beatles as they are any contemporary artist. (I’m not sure if U2 qualifies as a contemporary artist by the way. I think he hits my generation a little harder than the teens of the new millennium.) Alicia Keys sings some great music, but is she pop? My daughters having me buying the songs for them but I think the genre is R&B and/or Soul. If you asked them if it was R&B, they might know, but they don’t care. They just know what they like.

My point is that we are actually at a point in the music business that things are changing rapidly. It is an opportunity for Christians to have an influence instead of trying to create Christian versions of the record labels. Probably one of the best thing a church can do to take advantage of this is start an after school music school for children or an evening school of music for adults. Then create a community that writes, performs, learns about and cherishes music, whether sacred, classical, country or pick your favorite, authentic genre. Sponsor concerts. Then sponsor some more concerts.

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