Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Goals for 2008

I love writing out goals. If I was as enthusiastic about actually getting things done as I am about writing goals out I would be a champion indeed.

Goals for 2007

My goals are designed to change my habits and ruts that keep me from growing in the various areas of my life.

Home Repairs – Replace the roof on my house.

Music – Play more saxophone and recorder. Practice and participate, not preform. Perhaps I should read a music book too.

Fitness – I want to run a marathon. My knee has been giving me problems so knee recovery and a training schedule are assumed here.

Ministry – Finish my internship and licensing exam. Use multimedia to train people to correctly interpret the Bible.

Father – I will discuss more issues with my children, especially issues relating to faith and current issues.

Husband – I will regularly take my wife on dates.

Spirituality – Trust God in faith that he is leading me and my job is to listen. Implied to this is that I will constantly read the Bible and pray.

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