Monday, October 29, 2007

Ya know, like, this was sort of cool like.

I have been reading a book on conversation and how linguists look at it. This clip seems so appropriate.

Hat Tip: Evangelical Outpost And he got it from PyroManiacs.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

End Times Fever

Mars Hill Audio had a story with Norman Klassen & Jens Zimmermann on how the educational institutions of the US have become enamored with facts that have mathematical certainty while leaving questions of value, meaning and purpose to be found by the individual with minimal guidance. So these institutions teach literature and history with no purpose or meaning. Purpose, meaning and value is what the humanities are all about. This intrigued me in thought, but as I thought about American Evangelical theology of the second coming, I think perhaps we have taken a subject that is ultimately about meaning, purpose and value and made it mostly about facts. To put it another way, the Scripture speaks of the end times primarily so we understand our ultimate destiny, not in order to have the scoop in the New York Times Newspaper when these events do come about. (Papers may not actually be published in those days, but perhaps they will.) While I believe there are facts to be understood from Biblical doctrines of the end times, these are facts with a purpose. These are facts that show us the destiny of the all mankind.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

What Could Happen if the GOP Puts Up a Pro-choice Candidate?

Parableman has a good discussion on Dobson Prefers Hillary to Rudy. While the professor of philosophy has some excellent points, I'm wondering if the GOP punts on the issue of abortion, could this actually be good for the pro-life movement. Currently the debate is at a stand off. Both side have positioned, both side generally are only picking up new followers from children maturing to make up their own mind on the issue, and both sides are looking for something to shake out. Christianity is often at its best when it is not the dominant social order, and in fact when its members are persecuted. Perhaps if there is no political party or no power structure supporting the pro-life movement, those who truly just want to save children can persuade others to have mercy. Being asked to submit to someone (or a law) is more difficult than being asked to have mercy. Also, perhaps we pro-lifers would have to depend on the great deliverer rather than our alliances with powerful leaders who are balancing our loyalty with many other political commitments.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Christians and Yoga

Exercise is a part of my daily routines. Partially because I need it to control stress and weight, and partially I like it. It's a hobby. Those whose job it is to sell gym memberships and exercise videos are always looking for a way to gain from the latest exercise trend. One that has seemed to be a bit of a stretch for me to embrace, pun intended, is yoga because it has religious implications if not religious doctrine included. I have no issue with the whole idea of stretching to gain a sense of well-being. There is an interesting article at Pulpit on yoga, a transcript of John MacArthur and Doug Paige discussing Christians and yoga.