Saturday, December 23, 2006

2006 Web Discoveries- OK I mean new to me.

The big change in my web viewing this year is that I have quit listening to and started watching

Why drop real? I'm not willing to pay a subscription for premium service to really get what I want. If I pay for music, I will just buy it right out. Radio is how I sample music, traditional (RF) or Internet, but if I want to pay I tend to purchase it rather than subscribe.

Why frequent YouTube? As my daughters say, you can find anything on YouTube. I enjoy seeing the creative videos made by youth, clips from movies and shows and especially those videos made by Improv Everywhere. When someone puts together a mash-up you know they are a real fan. One of my favorite mashups right now is one with the song Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting with loads of fight scenes from Lost. I think since the recent change of ownership YouTube has cut out copy written material, which is a good thing. But the little guy can get his video out there.
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