Monday, August 28, 2006

23 Years With My Lovely Wife

Barb and I have been doing a minivaction together to celibrate our wedding anniversary in recent years. We went to Gettysburg, Rehobath, DE, Philadelphia, and New York City. This year we decided to go west to Hancock, MD. We stayed in a bed and breakfast called the 1828 Trail Inn. The keepers of the inn are a wonderful couple. They enjoyed talking but at the same time respected our privacy. The breakfast was great. There was Belgiun waffles the first day and French toast the second. Bill was the cook. He made a orange syrup that was simply Having checked out all the places in Hancock, it is easy to say, the 1828 Trail Inn is the best place to stay.

We stayed in the Railroad Room. It was decorated with trains related things. It had a porch where I went out on to read each morning and jaccuzi that soaked in each night. What a routine! If you look at the picture, you see the little second story porch on the right hand side of the house. That was my morning hang out before Barbara awoke. Maybe she was just playing 'possum, I don't know.

The highlight of our trip was renting recumbant bicycles from the C & O Bicycle shop, general store, and believe or not, bunk house. We took a nice two hour ride. (Working off some of Bill Belgiun waffles.)

We had a nice relaxing time. Last year we went to New York City and did it right. This year we went to small town Americana.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006 Blogs »Blog Archive » Polite Demotion Planned for Planet Pluto

My wife said this on the telephone today, so I thought someone would blog it. Here is it is... Blogs »Blog Archive » Polite Demotion Planned for Planet Pluto: "Pluto will always be a planet regardless of its true astronomical nomenclature. There will always be The Nine Planets. This cannot be erased from history by a simple re-classification of everything. History can not be erased. In the US, Rhode Island is just as much a state of the Union as California is a state. Puerto Rico is not a state, but it could be. Is Maine more of state than Texas? Maine was part of Massachussetts at time and Texas was a independent country, yet as it stands right now both are still states. Just as the US has the Thirteen Original Colonies, our home system will always have the Nine Planets, regardless of further additions to the group which inevitably will happen.

Pluto is a planet."

Thursday, August 17, 2006

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I finished reading this book by Ralph Moore on Starting a New Church. I really enjoyed reading the book. A lot of works of this type spend 80-90% of the book on theory and very little on actually how to get it done. I think I already know the theory but I wanted to know more about the mechanics of getting it done. Pastor Moore is a student of organizational management and leadership. So he mixes in a lot of Tom Peters style of organizational management with his biblical insights. That makes me a little wary, but all in all this is the lessons of an experinced church planter. I highly recommend it.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ok Go - Here It Goes Again

Ok Go--Here It Goes Again

These are the same guys who danced in their back yard and 1 million videos were made by home video artists. I don't think we could get 1 million of this one. The tread mill companies would love it.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Church Planting Poll - What Did I Learn

The poll on this blog Essentials For a Church Plant has not had any new votes in a while so I am ready to give an analysis of the results. So what did I learn?

1. Sunday School is much more important than I thought. While it was listed as number three results, I did not expect it to rank as high as it did. I have always thought of Sunday School as a specialized small group that meets at a convenient time and place, just before church. Sunday Schools are often run much more like a small group than a class that is evaluates your learning.

2. I would place small groups as high as did the whole group. It is the top item voted for as essential for a church plant. However a vocal minority said in the comments and e-mails that this was not important when the congregation was small. The idea repeated several times was that small group fellowship would be the whole congregation when the whole congregation is the size of a small group or two. I think what this really means is that the theory and/or practice of having small groups have been successful and should be adopted when a group is large enough to merit it.

3. The idea that visitation is essential surprised me. I for one really believe in visitation ministry, however, I did not believe other Christians would agree with me. Visitation is a way to connect with the congregation as individuals. It is my belief that everyone in the congregation needs a little private time with the pastor(s). It is a part of shepherding. I also think that visiting the sick, troubled, and grieving gives opportunity to meet more of the family and friends of the congregation. These are relatively natural times for the unchurched to come in contact with a pastor. So pastors should make best use of it. It gives those in the congregation a chance to show off the love and care of their church. They want to show how they are supported by the covenant community. I'm guessing that most voters voted for visitation not as a means of outreach, but only comfort in times of trouble. Personally I don't see that those two things are able to be pulled apart. Pastoral care (i.e. praying for the sick, offering words of comfort, encouragement or appropriate Bible application) can not be seperated from outreach.