Sunday, May 01, 2005

What is Appalachian Language Anyway?

A very interesting and informative essay on one woman's experinces being discriminated against because of her linguistic heritage. I'll give you a taste, click on the link to get a full serving.

What is Appalachian Language Anyway?: "What is Appalachian Language Anyway?

An essay on Multiculturalism and Tolerance

by author Sandra Mitchell-Quinn

Copyright 2001-2005 All Rights Reserved

When I first moved to Cleveland in 1980, from Athens County, Ohio, I was considered to have a speech impediment to everyone I met. The first thing people would say is 'Where do you come from?' When I would tell them Ohio, they would look at me puzzled and then write me off as one of those southern hillbillies of Appalachia.

The first time I ever realized I had this so called 'problem' was when I was selected at age 15 to be in the Miss Teen-Ager Ohio beauty pageant which was held at Capital University in Columbus. An important part of the program was each girl announcing their name and place of birth. The girl who went on to win the pageant, said to me frankly, I would never win the pageant since I could not even say Ohio correctly. She went on to say that any girl representing Ohio must be a perfect example of a polished Ohio-an. This devastated me and I couldn't understand what she was talking about.

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